About Russell

Russell is a digital audio editor based in Hampshire, UK with expertise is in Logic Pro X, Melodyne Studio 4 and ReVoice Pro 4.

Russell honed his skills in musicology, technology, and performance at the University of Southampton, graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Music (BA) in 2014. Since graduating, he has completed projects for artists who are now signed to labels such as Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Big Scary Monsters and Lockjaw Records.

Russell’s methods consolidate his fluent understanding of classical and contemporary music theory and his meticulous attention to technical detail. He offers a bespoke approach to enhancing the qualities of recorded performances whilst carefully preserving their all important nuances. His work includes, but is not limited to, editing vocals, guitars, bass, drums and horns.

Outside of the studio, Russell performs with A Formal Horse (nominated for a Team Rock Award in 2015 and voted Best Unsigned Band by readers of Prog Magazine in 2019) and Family Man (whose debut single received critical acclaim in Clash Magazine for kicking “harder than the Welsh rugby team”).